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Welcome to Ludo Captain, your ultimate destination for classic board game fun, available across a range of platforms including Android, iOS, and the web!

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Ludo Captain (Parcheesi) (2-4 Players): Dive into the world of strategy and competition. Race your four tokens from start to finish using the roll of a single dice. Challenge your opponents and eliminate them by visiting their boxes

Snake And Ladder (2-4 Players): Embark on a timeless adventure. Snake And Ladder is an ancient board game that transcends borders. Play against friends or computer opponents on the game-board.

Tic Tac Toe (2 Players): Exercise your wits and logic. Tic Tac Toe, also known as 'Noughts and Crosses' or 'X and O,' offers a classic puzzle challenge for two players.

Bug & Spider (2 Players): Immerse yourself in a game popular across Asian countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Nepal, and more. Known as Sholo Guti, it promises thrilling strategic gameplay.

No matter where you are, Ludo Captain is there to entertain you. Whether you prefer playing on your Android or iOS device or engaging in a friendly match on our web platform, our collection of classic games is readily available.

Coming Soon to Facebook: We're also working diligently to bring our games to the Facebook platform. Soon, you'll be able to challenge your friends and share the excitement of Ludo Captain on social media.

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